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Installing Ubuntu on a SSD

Going to install Ubuntu 10.10 on new intel x25M 80GB SSD. It will be fresh install. I have been googling for past few days and getting overwhelming articles/blogs/Q&As. One particularly very ...
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How to combine an SSD boot drive with a HDD data drive? [closed]

I have an SSD with 64 GB and a 6 GB/s 1 Terabyte hard drive. I want to use the SSD only as a boot device and maybe for swap storage. On the 1 Terabyte hard drive, I want to have the main file system. ...
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What in /home would benefit from being on an SSD?

In Is a 40GB SSD practical to use for ' / ' Jorge describes how he symlinks directories in his /home that would benefit from being on an SSD. The directories he names are ~/.cache ~/.config ~...
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What about the performance enhancement when using an SSD as the main disk?

I'm planning to buy a new PC and I am thinking about using an SSD as the main disk. I'd also use a standard spinning disk and I'd mount it to /home. To the people already using such a setup: does ...
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How do I symlink certain directories in /home to an SSD?

In Is a 40GB SSD practical to use for ' / ' Jorge describes how he symlinks things in his /home that would benefit from being on an SSD. How is this done? I've figured that I need to do the ...
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Partition scheme on SSD and HDD

I am reformatting my laptop but I am not sure how to setup my partition. I have a 120GB SSD and a 320GB HDD. I was planing to setup / on the SSD and /home on the HDD. Will placing my /home on the ...
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How do I use the same drive partition for both windows 7 and ubuntu 11.10 documents folders?

I'm running a dual boot of both Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 7. I have two hard drives, and three partitions: Windows 7 on a dedicated SSD, Ubuntu on the second hard drive, first partition, and then a "...
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Is it safe to install the / partition on an SSD?

I've just purchased a laptop Dell Inspiron 14z, with a HDD with 500G and a SSD with 32GB. I installed 12.04 on it, setting the partitioning table like this: /home and swap partitions in the HDD, / ...
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Change default location of programs / users

I just bought a new SSD hard drive and want to minimize writing to the drive by moving users and applications to another 1TB hard drive. Windows 7 accomplishes this fairly easily. I want to know how ...
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Install Ubuntu on a partitioned system

I'm trying to install Ubuntu along with my existing Windows 8 OS (the computer came with Windows 7 so I'm supposed to have the old BIOS). The problem is that when I tried installing Ubuntu from a USB ...
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