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The issue: Let say I have a PPA for a software (i.e. Blender for example; ) that contains for some reasons, a Python3.6 version. What I want to ...
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How do I set up the sources.list to select kernel packages from a local repository? [duplicate]

I am creating a local repository which will contain all the debians (debs) for Ubuntu. It will also contain kernel debians for 2 different branches like say 1.1 and 2.1 I have created a single empty ...
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How do I selectively install a package from a ppa? [duplicate]

There is an updated package (coreutils) in a PPA that I am interested in installing on my server. I added the PPA with: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dns/gnu In addition to coreutils, this PPA has a ...
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Limit which packages can be installed through a PPA [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I cherry pick packages from a PPA? Is it possible to add a PPA but limit what can be installed through it. Let us say there's a PPA with two packages and I'm ...
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How to install new tmux 1.8 on Ubuntu 12.10 or 12.04?

Are there any PPA? If no, how to make it from sources? Which dev libs I'll need to do this?
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How to install ppa packages in an apt-get style

I want to install ppa packages in a sudo apt-get install <program> style. I don't want to google for the ppa name and I don't want to execute add-apt-repository before executing apt-get. I just ...
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Does someone know why the Chromium daily package isn't build anymore?

It looks like chromium-browser @ haven't been build for the past 6 weeks. I tried to get in touch with them on launchpad but I've got no answers...
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Is it possible to only allow specific packages updates from a PPA

Let us say I have added a PPA that has X package that I want but it also has Y package that I do not want to use or receive updates from. How can I, from the same PPA, receive updates for a specific ...
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GIMP will not start, GEGL error

I get this error, GEGL version too old! GIMP requires GEGL version 0.4.16 or later. Installed GEGL version is 0.4.14. Somehow you or your software packager managed to install GIMP ...
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How to prevent Skype from upgrading and keep the old version for reinstallation?

Today, as I've issued the apt-get upgrade command, I've noticed there is Skype update in the list. I am absolutely happy with the old Skype Beta and definitely don't want anything to change. ...
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How to install Meld 3 on Ubuntu 14.04?

I'm just trying to install Meld 3.x. It has some dependencies and one of them is GTK+ >= 3.14. I am fed up of not able to update to GTK+ 3.14. I want to know how to install meld latest version which ...
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How to track Firefox beta via a PPA, but not Thunderbird daily builds etc?

I would like to install the beta of Firefox 4 in lucid or maverick. I know I can install the ubuntu-mozilla-daily PPA (ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa) and have easy apt-get access to firefox-4.0. ...
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Security implications of other repos

Main Question: At which point can I trust external, unofficial repos? Are there security implications for blindingly adding third party repos to a workstation? However, I've been very suspect of ...
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How to install specific package version when it's defined by 2 different PPAs? [duplicate]

I want to install luke-dash-jr's BIP148 bitcoin PPA which can be found here. I've already added the unofficial Bitcoin PPA to my sources.list; that PPA can be found here. Both PPAs define a bitcoin ...