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How can I shut down the system from command line without sudo? [duplicate]

I'm not the administrator, so I'm not in the sudo list. How can I shut down the computer from command line without sudo? As I can shut down the computer from GUI, I must be able to get the privilege ...
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How can I use poweroff without sudo? [duplicate]

I am a newbie in Ubuntu. I want to use poweroff in my terminal, for traditional shut down of my computer. First of all, is this correct? Secondly, I am forced to use sudo poweroff and then enter a ...
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How to enable hibernation in 15.04?

I did a clean install of 15.04, tried to enable hibernation per instruction from but it works only if I boot ...
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How do I configure Ubuntu to reboot every day at a given time?

Using the terminal or a bash file, how can I configure Ubuntu to reboot every day at (say for instance) 3 AM? In other words, I want to schedule an automatic reboot through the terminal. I haven't ...
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How to Shut down Ubuntu by using keyboard?

How to shut Down Ubuntu by using Keyboard only. [Like Windows style] In windows XP if we press Start+u+u this keys for shutdown. and Start+u+r for restart computer. Start+u+h for Hibernet etc. How can ...
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Least bad way to shutdown quickly

Sometimes I would like to shut down in a hurry. By hurry I mean 5 to 10 seconds. Assume I can run any script with root privileges in tty which I've prepared beforehand, and after 5 or 10 seconds the ...
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How to shutdown automatically from command line in 13.04

I know there is already a similar question about this topic. But that question was only about how to get the shutdown dialog in general. I need to get back the countdown of the old shutdown dialog (...
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How to monitor the status of shutdown sequence

This is the script I made to lock and shutdown my system after 30 minutes. #!/bin/bash # Read Password read -s -p "Password: " password echo # shutdown and screensaver Command echo "$password" | sudo ...
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How to shutdown the computer after Xsession ends?

I'm making a computer like an arcade machine with an academic game. I'm using Xsession to replace the desktop by an application. It's working fine. But when I go out from the game it returns to the ...
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Auto shut down if usage timer exceeds daily limit

I would like to activate a cron job valid for specific users only (for my kids) that it will check if the kids use the pc more than e.g. 60 min per day and then poweroff system. This means that if the ...
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Backup before shutdown?

Deja Dup runs in the morning & hogs my CPU. Is there a way to add a new button to the Ubuntu "power off" menu that will "backup then shut down" in addition to the 'shut down' ...
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Why do I need sudo to reboot from the command line? [duplicate]

When I enter reboot on the command line, I get: reboot: Need to be root and asked the root / sudo password. When I reboot via the gui I can do that without my sudo password. Why is that? What's ...
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Schedule shutdown

I found the command ( shutdown -h 02:00 ) to schedule shutdown my machine but want to know that Is it compulsory that user must have logged in with root login? Or this command would works for all ...
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