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Cannot run Word2007 on Wine 1.4 / Ubuntu 12.10 [duplicate]

After a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.10 and Wine 1.4 (all from Ubuntu repositories) and after installing MS-Office 2007, when starting Word, beside the Word itself, another window running Office Setup ...
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Wine Office 2007 launch problem [duplicate]

I am new to Wine and I have this error while opening POWERPNT.EXE: 0009:err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"Microsoft Office PowerPoint" 0009:err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"PowerPoint failed to start correctly ...
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Improve GUI appearance of Wine applications

In many cases Windows programs run ok in Wine, but there is still the annoying problem of their appearance. How to make things look better in Wine, especially fonts?
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How do I use two different versions of wine on the same installation?

I need to use two different Windows applications, one works well with Wine 1.4 but not on Wine 1.5 and the other application works well with the later version but not with the former. Is there a way ...
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Does Microsoft Office run in Crossover/Wine/Playonlinux?

I'm a student so I kinda need full compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents for school. I was wondering if Office will run without major problems in Crossover, Wine, or playonlinux?
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What is the most recent MSOffice that can be run under Wine/Playonlinux?

I use msoffice 2013 in Windows, but I was not able to install it in Wine or Playonlinux, where instead I use msoffice 2007. I wander if some user can confirm the most recent MSOffice that run under ...
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VirtualBox with Windows XP - Am I vulnerable browsing?

I use Chrome browser in XP to prepare Powerpoint presentations in Office 2007 for University. LibreOffice is less than satisfactory at my University. Am I safe surfing Net in Chrome on XP in ...
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Where did PlayOnLinux install Microsoft Office 2007?

After I installed playonlinux, I immediately installed the Microsoft office 2007. I pasted an .iso image on my desktop and extracted it on a folder, and after that I installed it using the playonlinux....
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How can I add PlayOnLinux programs in the Unity dash?

I wonder if there is any way to add the programs installed in PlayOnLinux to the Unity dash.
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Privileges Denied : Trying to Change setting of an application

I am a newbee, i've installed wine-1.6.1 (following , Can Wine support Office 2007?). Later i did install IDM successfully, right clicking the .exe file and choosing "open with wine windows program ...
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cannot install MS office 2007 on ubuntu 18.04.01 via Playonlinux [duplicate]

My question is not a duplicate because I don't use wine directly while the asker used wine instead of Playonlinux. My ubuntu version is 18.04.01 Bionic Beaver, not 14.04 LTS. I am trying to install ...
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UBUNTU plus windows office [duplicate]

Can I install only UBUNTU as an operating system and use Windows Office and the work program? Would this minimize or eliminate the virus problem we have with windows?
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opening while installing microsoft office 2007 using wine program loader and then installation stops?

Whenever I tried to install Microsoft Office 2007. It always opens while installing microsoft office 2007 using wine program loader and then installation stops. This issue is same with ...
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