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Does the Update Manager have a log? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where can I look up my update history? If Update Manager has a log of updates installed, where can I find it? Alternatively, is there a list of these online somewhere?
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How to check updates installed? [duplicate]

Using ubuntu 16, updates settings on check every day + download and install automatically. Please, could you tell me how to check if the updates have been installed? Thanks.
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How can I access my package update history from the command line? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where can I look up my update history? In Synaptic Package Manager and Ubuntu Software Centre I can view a history of recent package updates. How can I do the same from the ...
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How to list all installed packages

I'd like to output a list of all installed packages into a text file so that I can review it and bulk-install on another system. How would I do this?
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Is it possible to get a list of most recently installed packages?

Is it possible to get a list of packages that were most recently installed through apt-get?
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How to know last time `apt-get update` was executed?

I know that the command to update the repository lists is: apt-get update How to check if it has been executed today or in the last 24 hours? I do not know if I should check some file timestamp. Or ...
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14.04 unity does not start after login screen

In Ubuntu 14.04, after arriving at the lightdm login screen and entering my password, the screen briefly disappears, but then comes back to the login screen. When going to terminal with ALT-CTR-F1 and ...
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Daily Ubuntu base update

I am getting Ubuntu base update almost every day. This seems strange to me. What am I missing? (I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
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Compiz runs almost at 100% and the system is slow, what can I do?

My system became very slow out of the sudden, yesterday Compiz was running extremely smooth, today it started working very slow and slowing the computer. What I've done so far was to resize my swap ...
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How do I find out when debian packages were last updated?

I access an ubuntu 10.04LTS server that is administered by someone else, I have a feeling that it hasn't been getting updates/upgrades recently. Is there a way to check on the command line when ...
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After freeze, reboot shows blackscreen with cursor

I am using Ubuntu 18.04. After my Laptop froze, I hit the power button to shut it down and rebooted it. The login screen came up, I entered my credentials and then got a black screen and the cursor. ...
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How to permanently open browsers in firejail?

I've edited /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop in the past to use firejail when running firefox, but it seems like this was removed during an update. How can I permanently open browsers in ...
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Is it normal for Software & Updates to always show I'm up to date?

For the last month on my Ubuntu 13.10 system, Software and Updates always shows that the laptop is up to date. I tried to change the server for updates but with the same result. So is it normal?
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Sound Menu gone missing after PulseAudio 3.0 install

Yesterday i was trying to minimize the lag when streaming music from my Ubuntu 12.10 laptop to my pulseaudio server on my raspberry pi, by installing pulseaudio 3.0 on the raspberry pi and then again ...
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Update gone wrong .. I think

I just did the latest up date , when I turned on my Acer laptop this morning it started spazzing , it's asking for my login which I have no idea about but I know my password just not login , it says ...
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