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How install XFCE and remove gnome on Ubuntu 20.0.4 LTS [duplicate]

Was running xUbuntu 18.0.4 LTS and upgraded (re-install via DVD) to Ubuntu 20.0.4. I'd like to get back to the XFCE Desktop as it find gnome unusable for my application. In particular I have a lot of ...
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Drag and drop in Ubuntu 20.04.2 [duplicate]

I have just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 20.04.2 on my personal computer. I used Ubuntu 18.04 for 2 years and was happy with it but thought that it was time for an update. I downloaded Ubuntu from ...
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How to change Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop file manager (not gnome)? [duplicate]

Is there anyway to use a different desktop than the one that ships with this Ubuntu? I'm sorry if the question is weak, I understand I can change display managers and so on, but the new desktop is so ...
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how can i completely remove gnome3 from ubuntu 20.04 without affecting KDE Plasma [duplicate]

Plaease help on how can i completely remove gnome3 from ubuntu 20.04 without affectind KDE Plasma because i have limited space. Thank you. I have only found maretials for removing KDE and none for ...
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How to Speed up my PC? [duplicate]

Hello Everyone How can I speed up my Asus X555LA Laptop while developing apps from Next JS and VS code . So while developing such React and Next JS apps my laptop hangs a lot. My Laptop's ...
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How do I remove GNOME desktop compeletely after installing KDE? [duplicate]

I try to use KDE desktop a couple days, I think I like it and I don't wanna go back with GNOME. What will I do to remove it completely? I am using Ubuntu 20.04 by the way Thanks
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How to remove all the packages that come with gnome? [duplicate]

I have recently switched from gnome to unity and have removed gnome with sudo apt remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop sudo apt remove gnome-shell I have also purged config files like below sudo apt purge ...
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18.04 ctrl+shift to change language

Can I use Ctrl+Shift for changing languages? I can't set this hotkey for changing keyboard languages. At this moment Alt+Shift switch languages, but I can't see this hotkey in keyboard hotkeys list ...
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How to make a desktop shortcut on Ubuntu 20.04?

What is the most elegant way to create desktop shortcuts (e.g. to folders, applications, or documents) in Ubuntu 20.04?
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Basic desktop actions are not available on Ubuntu 20.04

In Ubuntu 20.04, on the desktop, there is a number of actions I wish I could do, such as, by order of importance : use keyboard shortcuts such as select all, copy / paste. use drag & drop with ...
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OS keyboard shortcuts conflict with apps keyboard shortcuts in GNOME 3

I have Ubuntu 16.04 with GNOME shell. I set ctrl+shift for the "Modifiers-only switch to next source" option. This shortcut conflicts with apps hot-keys. I can't use ctrl+shift+i to open devtools in ...
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Run command inside application

On Ubuntu 16.04, I had a keyboard shortcut (Alt+F1) that would open a menu to run a command of a specific application. For instance, if I were using LibreOffice Calc's, I could do Alt+F1, type "...
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Guake keyboard shortcuts no longer working

I installed Ubuntu 21.04, and now Guake no longer responds to any keyboard shortcuts. Toggle full screen appears to work when the window is focused. Can I check in some config file that the ...
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How do I safely switch from GNOME to KDE Plasma?

I'm currently running Ubuntu 20.04 with GNOME. However I would like to switch to KDE Plasma without actually installing Kubuntu from scratch. I then want to remove GNOME. So I thought I would do the ...
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Ubuntu Server "shuts down" ~daily

tl;dr: I have a Machine with Ubuntu Server which I want to run 24/7, but it tends to shut down everyday. What can I look into? I have checked a few things (see below), but I have not been able to fix ...
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