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Cannot copy/cut and paste from file manager to Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS [duplicate]

VIDEO I cannot copy and paste files from the file manager to Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Is there a way to fix this issue?
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How to activate drag n drop in 21.04 [duplicate]

So below is my OS version and I've read that in this version of ubuntu there's a drag n drop function implemented. Somehow it doesn't work: I can't neither drag n drop files to browser upload window ...
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Issue in new Desktop 21.04 [duplicate]

I have an issue with Ubuntu 21.04. After upgrading I noticed all my files in the desktop went to a folder named Desktop in Documents. How can I transfer them back to the desktop screen? When I select ...
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How to copy files from a directory to desktop by directly dragging it in Ubuntu 20.04.1 [duplicate]

I'm new to Ubuntu and I try to drag a file directly from a fold to the desktop in order to copy the file as one can do in Windows. But it doesn't work. I know how to do it in terminal, and I have ...
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Drag and drop in Ubuntu 20.04.2 [duplicate]

I have just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 20.04.2 on my personal computer. I used Ubuntu 18.04 for 2 years and was happy with it but thought that it was time for an update. I downloaded Ubuntu from ...
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Cut, Copy Paste keyboard shortcut problem on ubuntu 20.04 [duplicate]

I have just installed ubuntu 20.04 on my dektop and when I tried to use ctrl+x, ctrl+c, ctrl+vshortcuts to cut/copy/paste a file/text/folder etc nothing happened. I checked the keyboard shortcuts on ...
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How to add "New Document" option to desktop context-menu? [duplicate]

I want to create any new document templates in desktop area not only in folders. When we add our templates to Templates folder in Ubuntu 20.04 it adds automatically "New Document" option to ...
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Are these desktop features or are they bugs? [duplicate]

Since updating to 20.04 LTS I've noticed some differences in desktop functionality compared to 18.04 LTS. Here are a few: Can't drag and drop a file from the desktop to anywhere else. Drag and drop ...
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Creating an URL desktop shortcut does not work [duplicate]

I tried editing a sample text with the example in this thread: Create a shortcut for URL?. However it's still doesn't work, also I gave execution permissions for everyone, just in case (chmod 777 ...
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Ctrl + Shift + m works in the folders, but not on the Desktop to create shortcuts [duplicate]

I'd like to create a desktop shortcut of a folder by using Ctrl+Shift+M; the problem is that this key-combination works in the folders, but not on the desktop. How can I fix it?
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Unable to drag & drop icons & links from firefox (I'm New) [duplicate]

Hi so I recently switched over to Ubuntu and one things that I dislike is that I'm unable to drag & drop icons & links from firefox to my desktop. I checked under permissions and I have full ...
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keyboard navigation [duplicate]

On ubuntu 16.04 (100% satisfaction) I used to select and open folders/files on desktop using keyboard, up/down, left/right arrow keys; not the mouse. I cannot do this anymore on ubuntu 20.04 Any work ...
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How can I change the desktop icons on Ubuntu 20.04? [duplicate]

20.04 seems to have lost the ability to change desktop icons by right clicking them and changing the icon in the Properties window. You can still see the new icon in the files, but it does not update ...
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Switched from 18.04 to 20.04 cannot use Desktop icons normally [duplicate]

So I've switched from 18.04 to 20.04, I copied my whole user data and recopied them back to 20.04. So that includes desktop as well, but now I cannot double click to open files, cannot move files to ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 Keyboard navigation of Desktop Environment and Folders [duplicate]

I am unable to directly navigate the folders on my desktop environment using only the keyboard. Searching over internet, I couldn't find a shortcut to select a folder on the desktop (Example Recycle ...
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