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How can I restart the GUI in Ubuntu 18? [duplicate]

I'd like to restart the GUI in Ubuntu 18 (using the standard Gnome interface), without rebooting. How can I do this? I've found both these questions (Restart Only GUI Session Or Restart Only ...
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How to restart X Window Server from command line on Ubuntu 18.04? [duplicate]

How to I achieve a GUI restart in ubuntu 18.04 using Gnome on the standard X Windows Server. Seems like the old question doesn't apply anymore.
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Ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop

My Ubuntu is stuck in a login loop when trying to enter my desktop. When I login, the screen gets black and soon after that the login screen comes back. I've read that the problem might be caused by ...
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What to do when Ctrl-C won't kill running job?

Sometimes, processes ignore the SIGINT signal sent by Ctrl-C in Bash. For instance, man and vi. Assuming you don't want to google or read the manual on how to exit the running process, is there any ...
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Permanent xmodmap in Ubuntu 13.04

I cannot make xmodmap run on login in Ubuntu 13.04. I have searched around, including in askubuntu and all answers I found do not work. I have a file named .Xmodmap in my home folder which contains ...
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How do I fix fonts not rendering and missing letters?

I have a fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.10 on my laptop. It appears that letters are missing from files and folders, as well as menus and configuration windows. I'm not sure where to start in order ...
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Compose "dead_greek" with compose key

The config file for my compose key /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose lists all the key sequences for composing Greek letters; all of them require the pressure of a special dead_greek key. This ...
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How to assign a name to a workspace?

I already tried to right click on workspace switcher, but it doesn't show anything.
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How to restart X Window Server from command line and be able to login again afterwards?

I am using Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo). My question is the same as this old one: How to restart X Window Server from command line? However, the much upvoted answer there does not work for me. When I ...
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Launching programs after hostname change returns error _IceTransSocketUNIXConnect: could not connect to local-host

After changing the hostname on 14.04 I cannot launch unetbootin, attempting to launch the application from bash returns: _IceTransSocketUNIXConnect: Cannot connect to non-local host OLDHOSTNAME ...
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Brightness randomly up and down on MSI laptop

I am experiencing this issue on my MSI GS60. It starts happening as soon as I use an Fn Key for the first time while running Ubuntu (I have also tested the issue on Arch and it's even worse there). ...
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Change brightness on Asus G53JW with Ubuntu 14.04

I have an Asus G53JW and I can't manage to change the brightness anyhow (fn hotkeys are not working). I used Debian for 6 months and had the same issue and never found I way around this. I did ...
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Theme and icons look old after upgrade to 14.04 - AMD GPU issues?

Yesterday I upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04 and I ran into a few problems. Interestingly I upgraded two computers (one of which has identical hardware) before this one and had no problems. When I ...
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Ubuntu ( LTS) boots into complete, unresponsive black screen after attempting to restart display-manager (gdm3) from command prompt

Ubuntu LTS desktop installation: Following guidance from this post's accepted answer: How to restart X Window Server from command line? I ran: sudo systemctl restart display-manager (it may ...
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Random Freezing with ubuntu 14.04

Installed ubuntu 14.04 and the system freezes at least once a day at what seems to be random times. By Freezing I mean the mouse keyboard and screen won't react at all. This will happen no matter if ...
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