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How can I defrag an NTFS hard drive from Ubuntu? [duplicate]

I state I am asking if it is possible and HOW. I note many forum answers are 'you can't' or 'you don't need to on Linux cause it is perfect and wonderful' - none of these answers will help. Firstly, ...
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How does Ubuntu handle file-system fragmentation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is defragmentation unnecessary? This could be for any file system but EXT4 works. Does Ubuntu need to be defragged like windows. Does it do this on its own.
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Is defragmentation needed on Ubuntu 16.04? Do I need anything besides BleachBit for maintenance? [duplicate]

OS: Ubuntu 16.04 (Desktop enviroment) HDD size: 1TB De-Fragmentation: In Windows it is mandatory to defrag the hdd. Otherwise system will become slow. Is it required in Ubuntu or any Linux distro? ...
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Fragmentation of files [duplicate]

I am seeing declines in performance. Is there a disk or file defragmentation utility for Ubuntu? If so, where can I get it? Thank you.
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Defragging the hardrive [duplicate]

After I partition the drive for Ubuntu and Windows, can I use the Windows defrag utility on the Ubuntu partition, or do I defrag each with their own utilities? I am planning on installing version 12....
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I am new to Ubuntu (and Linux in general, as a home installer/user). Do I need to worry about fragmentation of the file system on a Linux partition on one's hard drive?
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How to defrag ext4 file system on Ubuntu 10.04? [duplicate]

I have an Ubuntu 10.04 Server with ext4 as file system. e2fsprogs is installed, but e4defrag is only packaged since Ubuntu 12.04. How do I defrag the file system or how can I install e4defrag? Maybe ...
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In Ubuntu which tool we use for disk-defragment? [duplicate]

Can Ubuntu have any disk-defragment tools, like Microsoft Windows. Or any other tools equivalent for it? I read: Defragmenting tools
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How to defrag an ext4 filesystem

I don't want any answer saying that there's no need, please!
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What software is available to de-fragment Ubuntu filesystems?

I would like to defragment Ubuntu; however, I cannot find software that I can download. What is available?
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Is it safe to Defrag Windows 8 while dual booting Ubuntu?

I have owned my laptop now for about 8 months a feel its slightly slowing a bit and I think it is time for a Defrag. Should I be worried about windows 8 effecting the Ubuntu partion part of my ...
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Is BleachBit really necessary?

I've heard that the ext4 filesystem does not need to be defragmented because the way it stores information is engineered to avoid exactly that problem. At them same time, I have a program called ...
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How do you defrag and remove cookies on Ubuntu [duplicate]

I would like to know how you defragment and remove cookies on Ubuntu.
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