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Incorrect orientation of thumbnails in Nautilus ("Files") using 14.04 [duplicate]

In Files 3.10.1 (formerly Nautilus) I display thumbnails when viewing a folder of images. If the orientation of some images is wrong (i.e. landscape format displaying as portrait, or vice versa) I ...
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I am using ubuntu 17.10 and many types of files as .png .pdf .mp3 and more shows the unspecified Icon in nautilus. How can I fix that? [duplicate]

Even after downloading and installing icon packages this problem still remains as you can see in the picture
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Nautilus video thumbnails without totem

I've removed totem and installed VLC instead. Now video files thumbnails are gone. Is there any way to get thumbnails back without reinstalling totem? I know I can have both totem and VLC, but I ...
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How to regenerate a specific thumbnail in Nautilus?

Sometimes I crop PDFs in order to have a one-page reading instead of a scanned two pages. However, nautilus keeps an old thumbnail showing the former front page. I know that I can delete the hidden ...
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My video (.mkv) thumbnails are green (or monochromatic)?

When I installed Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 thumbnails for .mkv were not showing up at all, Then it automatically got fixed, now it's generating the Thumbnails but as weird as it may sound, they're all green (...
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What rendering engine does Nautilus use to show HTML previews/thumbnails?

I just noticed that HTML files with CSS transforms on elements show with the CSS transforms within the thumbnails on Nautilus. So what rendering engine does Nautilus use to generate the thumbnails for ...
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How to view HTML files thumbnail preview in nautilus

How can I view HTML files thumbnail preview in nautilus just like the previews for image and video files?
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Thumbnails do not update after modifying jpg file with Gimp

I regularly modify jpg images using GIMP (currently in version 2.8). However, the thumbnail in Nautilus (currently in version 3.14.3) does not change/update after the modification. I find this ...
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Caja running and can not kill it, Ubuntu 18.04 Mate

Caja runs constantly and restarts after I kill it, using 10-20% cpu on each of 4 cores. If I stop it (but do not kill it) all is fine. When it runs the hard disk is constantly running as well. What ...
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How to manually create a thumbnail for one file using another file

I draw a lot with Clip Studio Paint, wich works almost flawlessly with wine, but the only major caveat is that the original files are in a format that doesn't have thumbnail support in linux (as far ...
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Ubuntu 17.10 - Problems displaying thumbnails in Nautilus in XOrg

Hi just installed a fresh 17.10, gnome shell. Wayland was not working out for me (it was slower than xorg and a couple of important apps weren't running well on it) so I switched back to XOrg session. ...
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Can't get exe-thumbnailer to work

I'm running 20.04 and installed exe-thumbnailer and its dependencies in the Synaptic package manager but the thumbnails don't show up in the file explorer.
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