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Change volume-steps in Ubuntu 18.10? (Gnome Shell) [duplicate]

On Ubuntu 18.10, on my laptop (Lenovo W530), there are 2 ways to easily change the volume: + / - buttons on the keyboard: Scroll wheel Up/Down on the speaker icon with the mouse: Using the + / - ...
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How to change step of volume in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS [duplicate]

How can I change volume step in my Ubuntu? I have tried next ways: dconf gconf some scripts Third way didn't work, but if it would works, it doesn't show current volume value, I think
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How to show volume level when changing sound volume using custom shortcuts. [duplicate]

On Ubuntu when changing sound volume with keyboard it increasing or decreasing too much for me (something like 5% or 10%). I wanted to change the volume with 1% every time keyboard button is pressed. ...
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What are PPAs and how do I use them?

I keep reading about Personal Package Archives ('PPAs') and people answer questions with a link to a PPA. What's the best way to use these? There are multiple valid answers for this question ...
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How can I reach over 100% volume with a keyboard shortcut?

sometimes the sound of videos isn't enough for me. so i reach the sound indicator , over sound preferences and change it to a level higher than 100%. the question is how can i do it from the keyboard? ...
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Adjust volume via commandline so that volume notify pops up

is there a way to adjust the system volume via commandline so that the default volume popup (the one that pops up when pressing the media keys on notebooks) is still shown. I need this for my remote ...
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How can I turn down the sensitivity of my volume slider

I'm on a laptop and I have a touch sensitive volume control slider thing which works in Ubuntu but is way too sensitive, a tiny little stroke and its either at full volume or nothing. Is there a way ...
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Adjust volume change step in Ubuntu 18.04

In Ubuntu 18.04, when pressing media buttons on my keyboard, the volume is (de/)increased by around 6%. How can I make the change smaller? Every solution I've found on the internet doesn't seem to ...
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How do I alter the keyboard volume control to be less sensitive?

How do I alter the keyboard volume control to be less sensitive? I have a Logitech Media Keyboard 600 which has a wheel for volume control. I find the amount the volume changes between 'clicks' is ...
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Configure buttons on Logitech M705 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I assign actions to all my mouse buttons? I would like change the extra button functionality. I want change the Back/Forward button to Sound up/Sound down. It is ...
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