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How to uninstall a program installed through Wine [duplicate]

I installed Picasa 3.9 with Wine, but I did not like it, and now I want to delete it. I tried uninstalling Picasa with the option from Picasa help menu but it didn't work. How do I fully ...
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How do I uninstall Putty (Windows application installed via Wine)? [duplicate]

I've recently gotten to know Ubuntu 18.04, being very new to Linux. WINE has been one of the most useful tools I've also come across because now I can use my Windows applications on my Linux platform. ...
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How to uninstall a game which is not letting me uninstall it? [duplicate]

I had downloaded feist and installed it just to test the gaming capability of ubuntu, since am new to it. Now as I can see it works perfectly fine, I am trying to uninstall it. But every time when I ...
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How to remove wine broken icons in dashboard [duplicate]

How can I remove a broken wine application? Please check the image below. I am using ubuntu 15.10. and wine-1.6.2.
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Unable to unistall software in wine [duplicate]

I am trying to unistall a Windows application installed in Wine. When I run the command: wine unistall - -software it says uninstall: command not found.
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How to uninstall a Windows program from Wine? [duplicate]

I have installed several Windows programs using Wine. The problem is that I wont to uninstall some of them because I don't need them. And I wont to that without affecting the Windows apps that I wont ...
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How to uninstall a program in Wine? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Uninstall a program installed with Wine How do you uninstall a program in Wine? I tried installing a windows program through wine but it didn't work and now I can't figure our ...
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Do I have to uninstall wine each time uninstalling a program installed by wine? [duplicate]

Let me try to explain this. Sorry for being a newbie. Anyways, I have wine installed to install Evernote, then I realized Evernote version 5.9* is no good that I should go for an older version 5.8* ...
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How To Uninstall Steam.exe? [duplicate]

I have the Windows version of Steam installed on my laptop...since it's a laptop I'll be wanting some of that space back, but I don't know how to uninstall a .exe file. I have the latest WINE-Staging ...
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How do I uninstall Google Earth?

I installed Google Earth on an older computer and discovered after I installed it that my graphics card will not support it. I want to uninstall it but it does not appear in Ubuntu Software Center. ...
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how or where will i find C:\Program Files(x86) in Ubuntu 13.04?

How or where will I find C:\Program Files(x86) in Ubuntu 13.04? I cannot find it. I need it as I have installed a game there and I need to uninstall it. I have already tried to post a similar question ...
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How to uninstall a wine software?

I will start by saying this is not a duplicate of Uninstall a program installed with Wine nor How to uninstall a software that has been installed using wine?. I already "STFW" as adviced in ...
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Cannot Remove Microsoft Office 2007 icons

I tried to install MS Office 2007 through Wine. Now that I have uninstalled Wine, and when I search the term "word", the Microsoft Office Word Icon still appears. How do I remove it completely from my ...
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How to completely delete Steam (Windows Version) from Ubuntu

Pretty new to Ubuntu so excuse the novice question, but I just deleted the Wine installed Steam from Ubuntu using #wine uninstaller on terminal, but the logos did not disappear, just want to check in ...
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Uninstall Spotify?

I was under the assumption it would work with wine, but was incorrect. I would like to completely remove it but everything I've seen on the internet hasn't helped in the slightest.
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