I'm trying to use sshfs to share a folder between two of my computers.

I can ssh from the server, and see the folder I want to share. However, when I run sshfs, I get:

david@desktop2:~$sshfs desktop1:~/folder/ ~/Documents/folder/
desktop1:~/folder/: No such file or directory

Desktop2 is running 11.10. Desktop1 is running 10.04.

I ssh from desktop2 to desktop1 and view the folder, and I can use scp to copy a file from one computer to another.

What do I need to do differently for this to work?


~ is expanded by the shell. Paths are relative on sshfs, you are currently asking to mount /home/someuser/~/folder from machine desktop1.

Drop the ~/ part and sshfs should find the remote folder relative to the home directory:

sshfs desktop1:folder/ ~/Documents/folder/

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