I started using ocamlfuse to access google drive with Nautilus and it was functioning perfectly fine. The thing is, at some point I used, by accident, the sudo command, I'm not shure if it was to run ocamlfuse:

sudo google-drive-ocamlfuse

Or if I used it when mounting the folder

sudo google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/googledrive

After that, I can only mount the googledrive folder with the sudo command, and if I run


I get this:

"Error: Sqlite3 error: READONLY"

Accessing just by using the sudo command gives me trouble when trying to open multiple documents with Libreoffice and some other applications at the same time.

  • I would start by checking (and correcting if necessary) the ownership of the configuration files described here: Configuration – steeldriver Jan 26 '18 at 0:14
  • Ownership from the files is ok, and apparently changing their permissons didn't work – Eduardo Flores Jan 26 '18 at 16:39


sudo chown -R your-username.your-username ~/.gdfuse

This will change the permissions of ~/.gdfuse/default/cache/cache.db back to your user's and then you can perform the command.


At the end I solved this by just removing the package using purge and autoremove. I also erased the .gdfuse folder in home so I could do a clean installation. The problem was solved doing this, in case someone wants to know.

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