Anyone knows how to write a bash script that can rename all folders in a directory? It needs to delete the first words of all folders.

Currently it looks like this:

ABC DEF Folder1
ABC DEF Folder2
ABC DEF Folder3
ABC DEF Folder1000

Delete the identical letters


To achieve


I'm kinda new to linux and don't got a clue about bash scripting yet. Anyone who can provide hints/ solutions?

A real live preview

  • why use a script? why not just rename (with globbing) – guiverc Jan 23 '18 at 23:24
  • Because that's a shit tons of work for a huge amount of folders and I know a smarter solution is possible. I want to save some of the chars to be able to identify the folders by their name. – Sir hennihau Jan 23 '18 at 23:25
  • rename s/ABC\ DEF\ // * isn't a lot a work – guiverc Jan 23 '18 at 23:30
  • krename is a useful gui tool here, particularly if you have KDE. – pbhj Jan 24 '18 at 4:19

Quick Answer

I'd not bother with script ... just rename

rename s/ABC\ DEF\ // *

s/string1/string2/ causes it to search & replace string1 with string 2.

string 1 is made longer due spaces and need to escape them '\ ', string 2 being empty '//'

finally * forces it to work on all files/dirs in current directory

Read the man rename and it'll provide clues. The main page refererences ' perlexprs' (perl expressions; meaning more man pages) but they are a superset of POSIX ones meaning you have more power, but can just limit yourself to posix too.

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For simple text matches such as this (which don't really require the power of regular expressions) there's also mmv e.g. given

$ ls -d */
ABC DEF Folder1/   ABC DEF Folder3/  ABC DEF Folder6/  ABC DEF Folder9/
ABC DEF Folder10/  ABC DEF Folder4/  ABC DEF Folder7/
ABC DEF Folder2/   ABC DEF Folder5/  ABC DEF Folder8/


mmv -r 'ABC DEF *' '#1'

results in

$ ls -d */
Folder1/   Folder2/  Folder4/  Folder6/  Folder8/
Folder10/  Folder3/  Folder5/  Folder7/  Folder9/

FWIW it's not actually much more work to script it in the (bash, or POSIX sh) shell -

for f in */; do mv -- "$f" "${f#ABC DEF }"; done
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