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I changed the default login screen wallpaper to a custom one as well as the desktop background to a another custom one(basically I have two different backgrounds one for login screen and one for desktop).

Unfortunately recently it started to act weird. At the startup the login screen wallpaper shows for like half a second and then it automatically changes to the desktop wallpaper before I even log in. I don't use anything else to change the backgrounds apart from unity tweak tool and to change the login screen I replaced the default file in /usr/share/backgrounds.

It's a minor problem but I cannot solve it myself and need some help.

Thanks in advance!

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"Ubuntu 12.04 Unity greeter has introduced selected user dynamic background, that means that when selecting a user from the available users list the background will change to reflect the selected user's desktop background."

Please follow this guide: How do I change the wallpaper of the login screen?

(Follow the steps under "Setting the dynamic switching off")

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  • Oh wow. I feel silly right now because I read that guide and didn't think it would work in my case. In any case, thanks! – MrDrops Jan 23 '18 at 12:15

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