My desktop has a built-in speaker inside the tower, and it's connected to my monitor via HDMI. It's really annoying that the system defaults the speaker to the built-in one and I have to manually change the Sound settings. Is there any way to force HDMI as default device or just disable the built-in?


To set default for pulseaudio playback

Use command:

pactl list sinks | grep Name

to get Pulseaudio names of playback sinks

Use the name of your HDMI sink in this command to set it as default:

pacmd set-default-sink <Name>

To check Pulseaudio default sink setting:

cat ~/.config/pulse/*default-sink
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  • I set default sink to the hdmi one, however when I boot up today it still falls back to built in analog audio. Thanks – cxwf14 Jan 25 '18 at 2:17

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