I want to implement a comprehensive backup script based on rsync, so I'm just experimenting now to decide the correct parameters based on my requirement. Basically, I want that any changed file should be copied from source to destination, regardless of its modification time (ie. whether or not source file is older/newer than destination file, it should be copied if the contents differ). However, it isn't working:


Above is the folder structure. When I first ran the below command for first time, it copied the test.txt from src to dst folder.

rsync -avh --ignore-times src/ dst/

Then, I modified the contents of src/test.txt and ran above command again, and this time too it copied the updated file to dst folder.

However, I then modified the test.txt in dst folder, and ran above command, but this time, it didn't work and didn't copy the file from src/ to dst/ folder. But considering this answer, it should have worked as I've added the --ignore-times parameter.

Is this a bug with Ubuntu, or am I doing something wrong? What parameter should I add so that the file will be always copied from source to destination when the contents differ (even when the destination file is newer)?


--archive equals -rlptgoD while -t means

-t, --times
    This tells rsync to transfer modification times along with the files and update them on the remote system

But you could combine that with --no-OPTION like this

rsync -avh --no-t --ignore-times src/ dst/

and it should work perfectly

EDIT: actually the --ignore-timesis superfluous, this is enough

rsync -avh --no-t src/ dst/
  • For some reason, --no-t does not prevent the tag 'T' to appear, even with --ignore-times. – Luis A. Florit Feb 20 '19 at 23:57
  • @LuisA.Florit, what do you mean ?? What is a tag in this context ? – Robert Riedl Feb 21 '19 at 8:04
  • Sorry, maybe I was not clear. I was referring to the 'T' tag under transfer. If you look for ' T ' (beware the two spaces) in the man page, it says: An alternate value of T means that the modification time will be set to the transfer time, which happens when a file/symlink/device is updated without --times and when a symlink is changed and the receiver can't set its time. (Note: when using an rsync 3.0.0 client, you might see the s flag combined with t instead of the proper T flag for this time-setting failure) I was not able to make rsync to really ignore times (no reporting this). – Luis A. Florit Feb 21 '19 at 20:08

For some reason, the --archive or a mode doesn't seem to work with the --ignore-times or --checksum parameters. However, the simple recursive copy mode (--recursive or r). So in my case, the following did the job perfectly:

rsync -vcr src/ dst/

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