After having some issues with sound i decided to delete the whole /etc/pulse directory, thinking that they are just temporary files. I deleted the files from terminal so I cannot restore them from trash. Now i have no sound, how do i fix it?

I tried:

sudo apt remove pulseaudio
sudo apt install pulseaudio

Did reinstalling pulseaudio restore the files to /etc/pulse? The next step would be to check if pulseaudio is running.

pulseaudio --check
echo $?

0 = running

Or try: ps -ef | grep pulse

The default configuration is for pulseaudio to try to restart itself whenever it quits but it could be running into errors when starting.

This might be helpful: How can I restart pulseaudio without logout?

  • Reinstalling did not restore the files. Also pulseaudio is not running and it does not start up. Thanks for your time! – Konstantinos Mavrogiannis Jan 22 '18 at 10:06

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