There are many answers pointing out that I can cut (kill) text in the terminal with ctrl+u like this one of Stack Overflow

I often feel it is inconvenient to use ctrl+u. Imagine this scenario:

  1. I type a long command A longlonglonglonglonglonglong
  2. Suddenly I realise I need do another thing first, so I press ctrl+u to cut and (save) the current command
  3. I type command B wrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrong
  4. Suddenly I realise I don't need command B, what I need is C,
  5. So I need to delete the current command, but I don't want ctrl+u, because that would overwrite command A with B.
  6. Have to crazily press backspace to delete B.

I need ctrl+u, but also need another command to only delete, not cut.


If you don't need to paste command B anywhere later, you can do this:

While on point 3 in your list, you can type CTRL+C. This will abort the command you are currently typing and you get a new clean prompt:

$ foofooofoofoo^C

If you do need command B later, you can make use of the "middle-button-paste". To do this, you can select the text with the mouse and later paste it by clicking the mouse wheel or both mouse buttons simultaneously.

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