Every time I am trying to launch Vmware-Workstation, I am getting this error message: Before you can run Vmware, several modules must be compiled and loaded into the running kernel.

After clicking on Install button, I get this: Stopping Vmware Services..

Unable to start services. See log file /tmp/vmware-root/vmware-27309.log for details.

I have tried everything to resolve this error but didn't succeeded. Even formatted my laptop and again reinstall ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Vmware-Workstation 12 Pro but this also doesn't make any difference.

This error is really annoying. Someone please help me out...

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Download vmmon &vmnet source module for your workstation version from this repository https://github.com/mkubecek/vmware-host-modules


Upgrade your "Vmware-Workstation 12 Pro" to "Vmware-Workstation 14.1.1 Pro"

For this,

  1. At first uninstall Vmware-Workstation 12 Pro

  2. Then download Vmware-Workstation 14.1.1 Pro and install it.

And hence, it's done!
Enjoy ;)

  • Note you'll need a VMware WOrkstation 14 license to use VMware Workstation 14 - 12 -> 14 isn't a free upgrade.
    – Thomas Ward
    Commented Oct 8, 2019 at 14:07

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