Is there an "easy" way of changing the label/name/mount of a LUKS encrypted HDD, and at the same time have it mount at a Label name in /media/user/ ?

Atm I have my disk listed twice in Dolhpin:

  1. 3,6 TiB Encrypted Drive
  2. 3,6 TiB Hard Drive)

and mounted under a name like


The disk is at

sdb ---sdb1 ---luks-da123qwe-123asd-123zxc-123qwerty /media/user/123qwe-123asd-123zxc-123qwerty


  • LUKS encrypted HDD.
  • Name it (e.g. Label)
  • Have it mount at /media/user/Label instead of /random-alpha-numeric
  • Have it show in Dolphin as Label
  • A way not involving having to muck about with things that'll kill my system :/ Looking at you, fstab.

System: Kubuntu 17.10


By some stroke of luck, I have previously been able to get another drive to remember the label I put in during formatting (KDE Partition Manager). It mounts at /media/user/Label and is shown as such in Dolphin. Alas, I have no idea how I managed it. Lots or re-formatting, labeling, rebooting, etc. I suspect it's actually some sort of bug...

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Those random alphanumeric strings are UUIDs for your partitions.

In your case the partition gets mounted in /media/user/string1, where string1 is the UUID of the encrypted partition.

Then you have a decrypted partition, with UUID string2. You can see it mounted in /dev/mapper/string2 when the partition is mounted and decrypted.

You need to give this latter partition a label.

IF your partition is ext2/3/4 you can label it via:

e2label /dev/mapper/string2 Label

Of course the encrypted partition must be mounted and decrypted, otherwise you don't see it in /dev/mapper.

(e2label is part of e2fsprogs, so you need to install it)

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