I have made a Full install bootable USB flash drive.

I would like to use it to install Ubuntu to a friends computer.

Can I install the Ubiquity installer to this flash drive?



You can install Ubiquity and that in turn will install all the lower level packages it needs to install Ubuntu to another drive.

sudo apt-get install ubiquity ubiquity-frontend-gtk

Running it is a manner of running

ubiquity --desktop gtk_ui

The manpage is a bit inconsistent on this, but it looks like you don't run it as root, and it will call gksudo itself when necessary, but if that doesn't work try calling it with gksudo.

  • Thanks, I had tried these commands yesterday, install works but when I enter "ubiquity --desktop gtk_ui" , I get a password box but the installer does not appear. Terminal returns "Usage: ubiquity [options] [frontend]" - "ubiquity: error: no such option: --desktop". if I type "sudo ubiquity" the installer pops up. I will try again on a fresh install, but all seems good. Jan 15 '18 at 3:54
  • --desktop is supposedly unnecessary, just alters what's written on the password prompt. Don't use sudo. If anything, try with and without gksudo but not sudo. Jan 15 '18 at 4:40
  • If I do it with sudo terminal asks my password, if I do without sudo a window comes up and asks my password. I have been trying to install a Linux Live Kit remix iso to hard disk but ubiquity keeps failing before completion. I think the problem is in the remixing. Jan 15 '18 at 12:24

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