After I successfully unpacked to a USB drive the ISO-image and ran wubi.exe, I chose the settings there within Windows and I restarted my computer and chose Ubuntu. But this gives me the error:

Try (hd0, 0): NTFS5: Error: prefix not set.

What should I do? I am installing Ubuntu on Windows XP with Wubi.

  • How did you "unpack" the ISO file to your usb drive ? Using a software like UnetBootin or you just right clicked and extracted it the ISO contents to your USB ? – Salih Emin Feb 1 '12 at 9:13

If the original poster still has a problem with this, try the solution posted for this user, it explains how to mount the ISO correctly onto a USB within XP, that may have been the issue and so the .exe runs in XP but because it isn't correcly mounted the boot doesn't work: Possible fix

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