I have a list with the path of .zip files, gathered by the command below. I want to unzip them into that directory, where they exist.

find . -name "*.zip" -print > outfile.txt

outfile.txt is like:


I have run_all script to automatize it, but how can I define the output directory?

run_all outfile.txt 'unzip -u $1'

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Use the -d flag.

unzip -d output_dir/ zipfiles.zip

To automate it:

for i in `cat outfile.txt`; do
    output_dir=$(dirname $i)
    unzip -d $output_dir $i

EDIT: As @dessert suggests, you may do this as a better alternative:

while IFS='' read -r i || [[ -n "$i" ]]; do unzip -d ${i%/*} $i; done <outfile.txt
  • This will break on a single whitespace in a path, you should rather use read. Additionally the bash shell can do dirname's work with parameter expansion: while IFS='' read -r i || [[ -n "$i" ]]; do unzip -d ${i%/*} $i; done <outfile.txt.
    – dessert
    Jan 11, 2018 at 10:18

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