I'm using WPS on my Windows network and would like to use it on my Ubuntu 17.10 computer. I'm not very conversant in Linux. Anybody have a suggestion?

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    wps-community.org/download.html – user692175 Jan 9 at 20:33
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    If you try to install the .deb file downloaded from their website (linked in the comment above), you'll likely see some error(s). Then follow this Q&A: How to install wps-office on ubuntu 17.10? – pomsky Jan 10 at 0:23
  • I've seen that but it is for the android version. – fmw Jan 10 at 13:10
  • @fmw What do you mean? What's "for the android version"? The link lists .deb packages. It's very unlikely those are for android. – pomsky Jan 10 at 15:57

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