I am writing a project with Quickly and GTK 3 and I want to use the get_media_file() helper so I can load an icon in my data/media directory.

I can't see how I use get_media_file() with the latest quickly; it looks like the Quickly helpers have changed.

Can anyone provide me with some sample code of how this works?

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Tell me if by 'latest' you don't mean the one that ships with 11.10, but this is how to use the function here:

>>> from hello_lib.helpers import get_media_file
>>> get_media_file("hello.svg")

"hello.svg" can be any fragment of a path (like ../media/hello.svg or stuff/hello.svg). I.e. get_media_file(f) is the equivalent of

"file://" + os.path.join(get_data_path(), "media", f)

And get_data_path() will return /home/stefano/hello/data.

These functions are defined in hello/hello_lib/helpers.py and hello/hello_lib/helloconfig.py.


It seems you just give it the name of the file in your data/media directory.

For example, if you want data/media/foo.png, you just call get_media_file('foo.png'). This will return a file:/// URI of the absolute path to foo.png.

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