I had connected to Ubuntu machine in windows through putty's SSH client assume the IP address is:

I want to clone a Bitbucket repository inside this putty, assume the Bitbucket URL is http://bitbucket.librariesdsw.net:8080/

Assume Bitbucket username is bharath and the password is welcome

How to clone this Bitbucket repository inside this putty?

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About your question:

If the the Bitbucket Server base URL is https://bitbucket.librariesdsw.net and the SSH port is 8080, the SSH URL for the repository myRepo in the project myProject will be:

git clone git@bitbucket.librariesdsw.net:8080/myProject/myRepo.git

If using HTTP, then the command will be:

git clone http://Bharath@bitbucket.librariesdsw.net:8080/scm/dsw/dsw.g‌​‌​it

With that address you can clone the repository, this works in putty, I tried it right now, so it should work for you.

Also, you can find more details in the documentation, here is the guide on How to Clone a Repository on BitBucket

Also you can get the SSH URL or the HTTPS URL by browsing into the project and choosing SSH/HTTPS in the Overview of the Project, please see the image for a better reference:


If you still have problems getting the SSH URL, you can also clone the project using HTTPS.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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On you your bitbucket there must be a clone button , that provides a link , why dont you just go to the dir you want to use it a do a

git clone <your project-url>

am I missing something?

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