I am using Ubuntu 17.10 on my desktop PC, I've been monitoring network traffic with Etherape. I noticed HTTP requests from my PC(casa hostname) to googleusercontent.com (
So I used lsof and ss to 'identify' process behind these requests.

Using lsof -i:

NetworkMa  778            root   20u  IPv4 546772      0t0  TCP casa:53671-> (SYN_SENT)
NetworkMa  778            root   20u  IPv4 546772      0t0  TCP casa:53671-> (ESTABLISHED)

Using ss -rep dst

tcp    SYN-SENT   0      1      casa%enp4s0:53671  users:(("NetworkManager",pid=778,fd=20)) timer:(on,964ms,0) ino:546772 sk:6df <->
tcp    ESTAB      0      87     casa%enp4s0:53671  users:(("NetworkManager",pid=778,fd=20)) timer:(on,300ms,0) ino:546772 sk:6df <->

It seems NetworkManager (pid 778) is sending requests to googleusercontent, and it happens every 5 minutes exactly.

I have to say, no applications were launched at the moment, no background process, no network activities,no online account and it was a 'Ubuntu fresh install'.
So why NM would sent requests to googleusercontent?

  • It's a feature coming with Ubuntu 17.10.NetworkManager pings regularly connectivity-check.ubuntu.com (bc.googleusercontent.com).In order to check connectivity.Disable in settings.
    – Tharo
    Jan 9, 2018 at 6:14

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You also need to take into account the 1st bit of that:


bc originates from Google Compute Engine (Google cloud) That does not have to be from Google itself. It is a service anyone can use. is owned by NET Serviços de Comunicação S.A. Is that your ISP perhaps?

Some other services that are from Google:

  • lh3.googleusercontent.com Used for loading images for Google+.
  • lh5.googleusercontent.com Used for loading images for Google+.
  • lh6.googleusercontent.com Used for loading images for Google+.
  • s3.googleusercontent.com Used for loading favicons for AdWords ads.
  • static.googleusercontent.com
  • themes.googleusercontent.com Used for loading font files for Google Fonts. (Generally called within CSS from fonts.googleapis.com)
  • translate.googleusercontent.com Google Translation Service

Looking up the IP, I found this:

Hosted Domains  connectivity-check.ubuntu.com

So it's an Ubuntu page hosted by Google.

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