Hello I am new to Ubuntu. I Installed a bunch of softwares like Android Studio and JDK and other stuff. Now my ubuntu is messed up and It doesn't show the login screen and when I start lightdm and put my password it does not login to my desktop. (this happened after messing with my graphic driver and installing Nvidia graphic driver I think) So I want to wipe linux cause I do not care about the OS but I want to keep settings that I did for Android (path and etc.) and also I want to back up my software so I can easily recover them on the fresh Ubuntu that I am going to install. I know I my question has many parts. What is the solution for keeping the settings , backing up the softwares (but not the graphic driver) and wiping out the Ubuntu.

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    Don't back up software; make a list of your favourite applications and reinstall them. Your settings will be in /home/username. – Jos Jan 7 '18 at 13:11
  • but Android studio is pretty heavy to download again plus I added lots of SDK stuff to it so it would't be a good idea to re-download all of it again. – MohsenFM Jan 7 '18 at 14:36
  • @MohsenFM - If you manually installed Android Studio, it should be in a single directory (I think the default is ~/android-studio). When you run Android Studio for the first time, it will download the Android SDK/Tools to ~/Android. All of your settings and AVDs will be kept in ~/.android. You can tar up each of those directories and copy them somewhere, then restore them when you re-install Ubuntu. For example, you could tar up all three at once using: tar -czvf androidstudio.tar.gz ~/.android ~/Android ~/android-studio - then just copy androidstudio.tar.gz to a USB key (or wherever). – Vanessa Deagan Jan 7 '18 at 17:18

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