This is driving me crazy.

I have a static IP configured, Ethernet cabled Ubuntu Server 14.04 machine

Where you see MY_HOSTNAME, this is where I have configured my real hostname which is 5 characters long, all lower case with no special characters.

  • /etc/hostname contains:


  • /etc/network/interfaces contains:

    hostname MY_HOSTNAME

  • /etc/hosts contains: localhost MY_HOSTNAME

I have run sudo hostnamectl set-hostname MY_HOSTNAME

So can someone tell me why my router is reporting my hostname as ubuntu (exactly like that in lower case)?

I have rebooted the server and the router a number of times.

When the router comes back online, it initially shows the server as UNKNOWN, then when I ping it from another network device or ssh to it, then the UNKNOWN changes to ubuntu.

Where is the router getting this name and where on the server do I change it?


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    Are you sure the router is displaying your hostname? Or is it detecting your os and using that? – Max Jan 6 '18 at 7:09
  • Usually routers use the NetBIOS name, if it is available, otherwise they report a made-up name. Are you running a service such as Samba which would provide a NetBIOS name to the router? Otherwise, how would you expect the router to learn the host name of the machine? – AlexP Jan 7 '18 at 0:30

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