I'm using Ubuntu 17.10 on a Thinkpad T470s (don't think this is relevant) and when I'm scrolling horizontally in Chromium (version 63) and the cursor is in an input box it types j and k characters (j for left and k for right).

Some additional information:

  • It works in the address bar and settings window so it can't be any extensions
  • I'm using wayland on Gnome
  • The behavior is exactly the same with touchpad and mouse
  • In the stackoverflow editor box (which I'm typing this very question in) scrolling left does the usual j typing thing but scrolling right inputs a code block which suppose to have the shortcut ctrl+k.

If you want to "experiment" with it and have some edge case ideas let me know and I'll try them.

  • j and k can be used for scrolling, but what you describe doesn't look like intended behavior - you might try filling a bug report with Chromium project – Paweł Prażak Jan 3 '18 at 20:06

In Ye Olde Days, h j k and l were the directional navigation keys for left, down, up, and right, respectively.

Since j an k are traditional shortcuts for down and up in Google products, it seems like something is in a weird mode where it wants to send the shortcut keys in lieu of taking an action.

My vote is "bug."


I doubt that anyone else would ever run into this problem but for completeness sake I want to leave my solution here:

I'm using a mouse that has side-scroll wheels and I wanted to configure some custom shortcuts to that wheel. The only option I could found is to remap Button 6 and Button 7 with xbindkeys however it didn't work because I'm using wayland and not xorg. But after I set it and saw that it's not working I accidentally left the config in place. For some strange reason xbindkeys still somewhat works under wayland so my shortcuts (ctrl+j and ctrl+k) got executed partially (without ctrl).

  • Wow, that's crazy. Thanks for sharing the solution. – Phillip Remaker Jan 29 '18 at 18:11

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