I want to use the Option "Disable touchpad while typing" in the touchpad configuration(Settings->Mouse and Touchpad->Devices). It is working while using a value > 1sec. For my usage it seems way to long. When I try to use a value like 0.9 it doesn't work at all. Anyone knows a fix for this. I want to get like 0.5 or something similar.

Working with: Xubuntu 16.04

Touchpad: SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad on a HP Spectre


I found a solution to my described problem. You can call:

syndaemon -K -i 0.2 -R -d

For me works 0.2 seconds, but you can change the value to your desires.

I could not get it running over the settings configuration, but I added the syndaemon command to my startup commands and it works fine.

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