Linux Font lacks decent sharpness

I have a problem with font sharpness at Kubuntu 17.10. The font is not sharp enough for me as the iTerm, and I am having a hard time reading it on Linux terminals. how can I fix this? (Not talking about font names/families like Monaco, monospace, hack, source code pro etc)

I have turned on anti-aliasing, sub-pixel rendering = RGB, Hinting style = None (LCD monitor)

edit: I needed something bolder sized font rendering without actually changing the font. I can't figure it out how to express it to you properly (That's why I showed it in the screenshot), the macOS renders font in a juicy way, (fonts look crisp and pretty, but in Linux distros, it lacks a bit out of the box). Easy to eye font is helpful to code with solarized colour schemes


Unfortunately, I have found a way to fix this.

"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono" font increases the sharpness of any Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Debian and all its variant, even Arch and Gentoo)

Vim Font Render

Font Sharped

  • It's unclear what you mean by "sharpness". For me, your previous configuration was sharper! – Anwar Jan 2 '18 at 6:24

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