I want to build a test virtual ubuntu machine. But I don't want to copy all the files to the test machine disk. But I can that de base disk is where the ubuntu software is installed. and the another disk is the disk that contains the data changes of the base disk. So you can easy recovery and create a new test machine.

I like to use virtual box on ubuntu.

Is there an option to do that with ubuntu/virtual box. Thanks you. (srry for bad english)

maybe you can use mount on root directory ('/') with two disks


I think you're describing a basic overlay filesystem, like the live ISO's use. How about just:

  • use a live ISO/USB with all changes in ram, and reboot to "reset" it

  • Or use persistence to save changes over reboots, and erase the persistent files to "reset"

You could always use an overlay filesystem directly yourself, but the ISO's are already nicely set up & ready to roll. Here's some overlay info/help links:

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