I've just bought a Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming-CF, using it with an i7-8700k.

Issue I have is that I can't get the fan speed and whatnot - just CPU temperatures with coretemp.

I've raised a bug on https://github.com/groeck/lm-sensors/issues/44 to ask the author if I should do anything, he suggested loading the driver it87. I have to say, when I run sensors-detect, it doesn't come suggested, hence not sure what I should do next.

I'm running kernel 4.10.0-42-generic.



Apparently is not possible without intervention with current Ubuntu distributions (and if things stay as those are even with next LTS 18.04).

If one wants now to use it, he/she will have to manually resort to downloading and compiling such driver from https://github.com/groeck/it87 and follow the instructions there.

This is less than ideal, that's why I've raised an Ubuntu question https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/662421 to update the it87 driver.


As per suggestions, raised a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1740736 for Ubuntu folks to cater for latest driver...

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Here's what worked for me:

  • Edit boot parameters in /etc/default/grub
  • Add:

    acpi_enforce_resources=lax thermal.off=1 module_blacklist=eeepc_wmi
  • Run:

    sudo update-grup
  • Edit /etc/modules

  • Add: nct6775
  • Restart
  • Run: sensors
  • Optionally create /etc/sensors.d/asus as described in this Reddit thread.


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