I have my home folder linked to a folder on a mounted partition in have mounted it via fstab and the uid is the id of root the gid too.

How do i change the owner of the subdirectorys on the mounted drive? sudo chown -c user:root user/ does state to change the owner , but does not actually change it

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You can not change ownership on a read only filesystem. The mount command will list if the partition is mounted read only. Probably not the problem since you say it does not complain (as it would if it was read-only).

But you can also NOT change ownership on a filesystem that is NOT posix (that includes all Windows filesystems). Changing ownership on Windows filesystems is done when mounting the partition. If this is the case add "uid=1000,gid=1000" to the line in /etc/fstab related to this mount. 1000 is the main user; if you want another check the userid with id -u {user} and the groupid with id -g {user}.

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