I enabled automatic login on my mother's laptop so that she wouldn't have to require a password to login. In previous versions of Ubuntu you used to be able to configure a specific setting in gnome-tweak-tool to toggle if you wanted the user to require to enter their password to log in after a suspend/hibernate. The only option I can find for this is to disable the lock-screen completely, which I don't want since sometimes she might want to lock the screen when walking away from the laptop. Setting Privacy > Screen Lock to off doesn't affect this behaviour.

How can this be done with Ubuntu 17.10?

  • Automatic login on boot
  • Screen lock still enabled
  • Don't require password after resuming from suspend/hibernate

I had the same problem. For me solution was this command:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver ubuntu-lock-on-suspend 'false'

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