After wakeup, more often than not, unity doesn't come up correctly, which results in the login screen being stuck. I can't type in a password, and the only things I can still do to fix it, is either a hard reset, or go to a different terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F1, and type unity.
Then I can switch back to with Ctrl+Alt+F7 and the login screen works, tho many things are now half working (the top bar doesn't work anymore, keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore, etc.) until I reboot the system.

I am using Ubuntu 16.06 with kernel 4.10.0-40-generic. However, this has been going on with every kernel I've had (always just used the latest available one that apt gives me) since I got the laptop, which is October this year.

I'm using proprietary nvidia drivers version 384.90. If I use the nouveau drivers I get way more issues.

Here's an output of the syslog during the sleep and wake.

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