I have an ASUS K501UX notebook model. Hardware: intel i7, intel 520 and nVidia 950M graphic cards.

When i try to use my second monitor through the HDMI port nothing happens. Ubuntu Budgie cant see the second monitor, in the Display Settings i always get only the first monitor.

Neither nVidia-settings can see the second monitor.

But if i use Windows10 the second monitor is recognized without problems.

I've already tried to

  • update driver
  • use the Nouveau drivers instead of the original nVidia drivers
  • purge drivers and reinstall the previous version
  • switch to intel graphic card and viceversa
  • use aRandr but he cant see the second monitor

I think my HDMI is hardware disabled. Any idea to activate it?

EDIT: if i run


i get

HDMI-1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)

2018 edit: Ubuntu 18.04 and later solved the bug

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