I just installed Ubuntu on my personal machine. I've never used Linux before. I installed Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. I'm about to start a new project. Where should I save it?

I tried cd /var then mkdir www and got a permission denied error. So I did sudo mkdir www. But now I am afraid that every time I want to save or create something, whether using Rails console or my text editor, I'm going to get permission errors.

Should I move my project into my home dir?


Yes You should use Your home folder

for example

mkdir home/YourUserName/Ruby
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  • Thanks! But what if I decide to install Apache and start developing in say, PHP. Should my files be in /var/www/ then? – Mohamad Jan 26 '12 at 21:59
  • Why so? I keep all my work in my home folder. If You want to be an admin, or have a permission to write files in some other place You need to configure users and groups and what they can do with those files. – Misery Jan 26 '12 at 22:14

Add your user to the www-data group.

Then log out and back in.

The set your permissions in /var/www

Files are owned by root:www-data , permissions of 660

Directories are also owned by root:www-data , permissions of 770





On a production server (anything publilc facing), I use the same ownership. Permissions - files 640 directories 750

On a production server I edit everything as root ( sudo -e /var/www/file )

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