How to fix a LDAP client installation in Ubuntu 17.10, which was working fine in Ubuntu 16.04?

With the following configuration Ubuntu 17.10 will hang in a boot loop, so you will not even have a chance to log in.

Installation of LDAP - Client user - management identical in 16.04 & 17.10:


apt-get install ldap-auth-client nscd libpam-cracklib

configuration of pam-stack with:

auth-client-config -t nss -p lac_ldap

and parameters changed in /etc/ldap.conf

host ldap01 ldap02
base dc=example,dc=com
binddn cn=ldapread,dc=example,dc=com
bindpw xxxxxxxx
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Partial solution

In /etc/ldap.conf:

host ldap01 ldap02 (was working in 16.04)

has to be replaced with:


otherwise the system stays in an endless loop at the boot process

Without a network-cable the system still stays in an endless loop at the boot process.

Complete solution

In /etc/ldap.conf:

default Reconnect policy:

bind_policy hard

has to be changed to:

bind_policy soft


In /etc/ldap.conf: -> host ldap01 ldap02 works as expected, and PC boots normally even without a network-cable.


Use libpam-ldapd and libnss-ldapd instead of libpam-cracklib.

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