I want to compile the gnome-settings-daemon with a modified DPI constant. For that I've cloned the repository, applied the change and created a configure script through autogen.sh.

When I tried to execute configure, it complained about a few unmet dependencies, specifically gsettings-desktop-schemas >= 3.23.3.

To remedy that, I've tried installing gsettings-desktop-schemas-dev from apt. That only gave me the version 3.18.1, which seems to be the main release for Xenial (16.04).

How can I install the required version?


You did it wrong.

You should download xenial's version:

  1. Get its build-dependencies with sudo apt-get build-dep gnome-settings-daemon
  2. Get its source sudo apt-get source gnome-settings-daemon
  3. Patch the source (yours "applied the change")
  4. Change configure options and run ./configure ...
  5. Create custom deb-package with these options.
  6. Install self-compiled custom package.

I hope you got idea.

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    Thanks, nice one. I'd suggest you to add the steps 5 and 6 for people like me who struggle to figure out how it's done :) I ran sudo make and sudo checkinstall (checkinstall needs to be installed separately through apt) – illright Dec 18 '17 at 11:38

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