I installed and configured rocketchat server snap for URL RocketChat Now yields 502 bad gateway

And it worked both on desktop app and mobile app.

Now, after doing a shutdown, both are broken. Desktop gives error: No valid server found at the URL

And mobile app says: Invalid server version

Service is up and running with: sudo systemctl status snap.rocketchat-server.rocketchat-caddy

How do I connect to server successfully, again?

I even cannot configure and access localhost

I entered channel --edge to no avail!

I completely reinstalled rocketchat-server and rocketchat-desktop snaps to no avail!

I know that this could have been asked in ServerFail, too...

rocketchat-mongo.service was not running at all!

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I had to remove packages via apt and I do not know if I installed them in the first place!




in order to get rocketchat-mongo.service running and snap.rocketchat-server.rocketchat-caddy responding again.

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