The following is a script to calculate the idle time of a machine. The script is supposed to check xserver idle time at a time interval of 1 minutes and log the result to a location via cronjob. But that is not working as i expected. It is not reporting the idle time even if the machine idles for more than the idle time limit assigned.

The time limit in the example is 1 minute. It is just a dummy time set for asking this question and checking without wasting time.

Can anybody help ?

timeinmin="$(($timeinmsec / 60000))"
if [[ "$timeinmin" -gt 1 ]]
        echo "$timeinmin Minutes idle time reported" >> /home/user/log.txt;
        echo $(date '+%X') >> /home/user/log.txt;
        echo "$line" >> /home/user/log.txt;
        echo "No idle time reported" >> /home/user/log.txt;
        echo $(date '+%X') >> /home/user/log.txt;
        echo "$line" >> /home/user/log.txt;

Output i get

No idle time reported
05:24:01 PM

No idle time reported
05:25:01 PM

No idle time reported
05:26:01 PM

No idle time reported
05:27:01 PM
  • Have you tried to output the raw data ? echo $timeminsec ? Or that the process, running from crontab, don't have an active xserver session? – Soren A Dec 17 '17 at 14:01
  • @SorenA Thanks for the comment. I fixed the issue.. i had to export the DISPLAY as it is being run by cronjob. Your comment lead me to check that. thanks again. – Rooney Dec 17 '17 at 15:26

Managed to fix the issue.I had to add export DISPLAY=:0 at the top of the script as this task being run by cronjob and its calling xserver.

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