my first post here. I’m basically a Linux noob although I’ve installed it a few times over the years and got the very minimal, minimal, basics down (if even that much). And it’s rusty at best.

I have with my Sony Vaio tap 11. Fresh install, mouse click won’t work more than once after a login. I used keyboard to get through install of Ubuntu 16 and once installed the problem is that mouse clicks on touch pad or with any USB mouse I try don’t work except the very first Time I click, (left and right) after a login. I’ve searched around and around the web and can’t find anything quite like this. I’m stumped. Actually had the same problem a couple years ago with Ubuntu 14 and ended up giving up after a couple days. This time I thought I’d at least post. I’m limping around with keyboard presses and my half broken touch screen atm.

Any help would be so tremendously appreciated

Thanks. Scott


try to update your ubuntu with this commande "apt-get upgrade" but i recommand you to fully upgrade your ubuntu "apt-get full-upgrade" (if that dosen't work try to use the Software updater but only after upgrading)

  • Thanks. I’ve just finished updating as you suggested. No change. I played around a bit and noticed the one mouse click that I get is actually a click and hold. I logged in. Opened a terminal window and clicked on the title bar. Now the cursor is dragging the terminal window around. I assume then that the same thing is happening with the single right click I can perform. This leads me to believe that the mouse click is stuck on. Dec 15 '17 at 15:19
  • Anyone able to offer any suggestions on this? Dec 24 '17 at 6:21

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