Exchanging academic PDF with some fellas made me think if it was possible to export the annotations and, in case of yet-to-be-published papers, the corrections from those files to a spreadsheet or eventually, a simply text file.

Currently I have been using two PDF viewers: Okular and qpdfview. Qpdfview is lighting fast, but it pays the price for being too simple for those features. In the other hand, Okular is the most complete viewer that I know of in Ubuntu, which unfortunately does not support this feature either. Does anybody know of any program to solve this issue?


Not sure if this will meet your requirements, but an online solution might be https://www.sumnotes.net (I have no affiliation with the company).

  • Indeed it does what I asked for, but it is not a Ubuntu software. The tool does actually a quite good job, but the extracted file is not so well sorted. Although I didn't say in my post either, I would also go rather for a free tool. I have just signed up to their website, and yet I have to upgrade my account to extract all possible annotations. But so far it is in fact the best tool that I've been shown. – Cana Bello Dec 15 '17 at 8:53

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