I currently use Ubuntu 11.10 64bits and would like to switch to Xubuntu.

If I run the command

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

will it install only the desktop environnement (XFCE, if I'm not mistaking) or will it install everything like from a Xubuntu LiveCD? Indeed, as I'm new in the GNU/Linux world, I'm trying several distros and so would like to know if it was possible to proceed that way to install other distros...



You would install xubuntu-desktop

Install via the software center

xubuntu-desktop is a metapackage


Or a list of all the packages contained in the xubuntu-desktop, which is xfce + additional packages / customizations , same as on the xubuntu CD.

For sfce vs xubutnu-desktop see also

Xubuntu desktop minimal installation

You will keep the additional packages included in ubuntu, so you will have more then would be included with the xubuntu cd.

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