Can anyone please tell me about the following behaviour? I want to stop the batch tasks to be run in the background, so I stopped the cron using this command

$ sudo /etc/init.d/cron stop

And after this I can see the message

[ ok ] Stopping cron (via systemctl): cron.service.

I created one batch task to check whether this is working or not, but cron is still running every minute and processing the tasks.

Please tell me how do I stop cron to not process any task?

Thanks in advance.

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    Put a comment(#) before the cronjob and reload the cron service. – janasaiarun Dec 11 '17 at 12:21

Open the terminal and run

sudo service cron stop

And if it is not stopping the cron, you can backup the crontab and remove it's entry.

crontab -l > cron_backup.txt

crontab -r

Note that it will remove all crontab entries from machine. If you don't want to remove it and just want to disable it, adding a # in front of crontab entries would also do the job.

To restore the crontab

crontab cron_backup.txt


You may use the pkill command to kill the cronjob by providing the process id.

You will get the process id from the following command.

ps -e | grep cron

Use the process id in the following command.

pkill <process id>

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