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In 16.04, when a DVD movie is accessed in Nautilus there is a button in the top right corner to play the movie in Totem.

Can this be replaced by other player like VLC or MPV?

This is not asking how to change the overall preferred application (as said above, under Settings - Details - Default applications), nor how to change the player per-file-type (under file's properties, "Open With"), therefore it is not a duplicate of How do I set VLC media player as default video player?.


It seems that the application displayed there is the one selected under Settings - Details - Removable media - DVD video or, in case 'Ask what to do' or 'Open folder' is selected instead, the first application displayed in that list.

The general solution seems to be simply to select a specific player (instead of "Ask what to do" or "Open folder") under Settings - Details - Removable media - DVD video. In this way that player will take the first position in that list even if "Ask what to do" or "Open folder" is selected afterwards.

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